Commitment to Responsibly Sourced Energy

What is responsibility? It’s thinking of others and considering all of our stakeholders in everything we do—our employees, neighbors who live near our operations, the communities we’re involved in, and the ecosystem we’re part of.

We embrace our responsibility in reducing emissions, minimizing surface disturbance, and stewarding Earth’s resources in a manner that preserves the environment and strengthens the communities we serve.

Everyone who works for us is valuable and has a part to play. Their safety is our highest priority. We also work hard to ensure our employees feel safe by creating workplaces that are diverse, inclusive, and welcoming.

When our workers are equipped, resourced, and empowered, then together we can provide essential, low-cost energy for our country—especially for our most vulnerable and impoverished neighbors.

“Making it better” is Mach’s rallying cry. It’s a constant reminder of our dedication to the safe and thoughtful development of Mid-Continent natural resources in Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas, for the benefit of all who live there. Through joining initiatives, like The Environmental Partnership, we seek perpetual learning and leading in environment, social, and governance (ESG) practices.

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